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Introducing Jenna from Hair Solved London

Get to know the Hair Solved team, dedicated to solving hair loss.

Jenna has been with the Hair Solved Team for five years. In 2019 was promoted to Salon Manager at our London Salon. We found time to catch up with her recently between clients to do one of our “Five Minute Interviews”. So that you can get to know the Hair Solved Team a little better.

The hair Solved Team, Jenna London Salon Manager

Jenna is Salon Manager at Hair Solved London

Did you train as a hairdresser?

Actually, no I didn’t. I specialised in wig making at university and after I graduated, I moved to London. I worked at various wig companies, then I began learning about hair integration systems, which led me to Hair Solved.

What do you like most about your job?

I really love building the hair systems and get satisfaction from helping our clients who have often been on a very emotional journey because of the impact of their hair falling out. It’s a very rewarding job and unlike anything I’d done before.

Is it hard to explain what you do to friends and family?

 When explaining what I do most people are very intrigued and interested to learn about it. It’s hard to explain but everybody always comments on how amazing it sounds!

What do your clients mean to you?

The relationship with the clients is extremely important to me, I have grown quite close to many of them as I’ve been doing their hair every 5 weeks for the last 5 years. It’s a lovely part of the job.

Do you see the emotional impact of female hair loss when you talk to your clients?

Yes, some clients can get emotional, depending on the cause of hair loss it can be so stressful for them. It is hard to see clients upset but it’s nice to feel as though you are helping someone through a difficult time. And of course helping them to feel confident again.

How do clients react when they see their hair system for the first time?

I have had clients react with tears of joy after their hair system is fitted! It is really fulfilling to take somebody from feeling quite down about their hair loss to giving them all this confidence and absolutely loving their hair.

We are so grateful to Jenna for taking part in our 5 Minute interview. Providing a real insight into what makes her role at Hair Solved so special and what it’s like to be part of the Hair Solved family makes us so proud.

We have six Salons across the UK and we are committed to the highest levels of staff training and development. Our team are experts in female hair loss. They understand the causes of hair loss such as alopecia, trichotillomania, genetic thinning and hair loss due to illness. But just as importantly they understand  the detrimental impact hair loss has on confidence and wellbeing.

Not only are our team of hair loss specialists skilled technicians and stylists they are always looking to enhance their skills. From learning the latest techniques for colouring hair such as balayage or for smoothing frizzy and unruly hair such as the Kerasilk Treatment.

This means we can always provide the highest level of service to clients and we have a happy and motivated Salon Team too!

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